Bight Gear

We Reduce Suffering in the Mountains

Life’s too damn short to spend a single minute of any adventure hot, cold, sweaty, or annoyed by poorly placed zippers. Whether you’re a mountain guide (like us) or a weekend warrior (we do that, too), comfort equals enjoyment. But comfort also equals safety: In an alpine environment, a comfortable climber is a confident one, and that can make or break your climb.

Gear development is often driven by corporate mentality, marketing fads, and superficial testing. Not at Bight. We’ve flipped the script and empower working climbers and guides to design our apparel. They hump loads in it, sweat in it, suffer in it, and celebrate in it. They know how it should function when shit gets real – and when you spill that post-summit beer. The result is reasonably priced clothing that thrives in any conditions.


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October 23, 2018