Idaho Youth Advocates

Helping Idaho’s Children Have a Brighter Future.

Idaho Youth Advocates’ mission is to ensure that the children of Idaho have access to quality, sustainable, mental health care in their communities. We envision an Idaho where children with mental health and behavioral health disorders no longer consider suicide as an answer to their struggles; no longer are placed in the juvenile justice system because of their mental health issues; no longer must wait for mental health treatment; and can receive care in their communities or in the setting that is best for them and their families. We envision an Idaho with a mental health service network that is a model for the rest of the country. IYA exists to give Idaho children a path to a healthy and happy mind. This path will enable children to engage with their families, schools, and communities as the best version of themselves, with their mental health issues carefully managed by trained professionals.


What we did for IYA:

This Idaho non-profit group is committed to ensuring the children of Idaho have access to quality, sustainable mental health care. Our social media strategy approach for IYA was tailored to introduction and education of the public to their mission plus ongoing work. We developed the organization brand from scratch to reflect their Idaho roots and focus on the issue of children’s mental health based on the Jeff D. settlement agreement. We developed their main collateral from business cards, letterhead, website and promotional collateral. Messaging and social media integration was an important piece of the overall public recognition for the IYA mission. The plan included: Consistent posting about who IYA is, links to their informational website and call-to-action invitations on how the public could get involved with IYA’s important work.




November 12, 2017


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