Getting on the GRID

OrthoGrid was built on a simple premise: Restoring Alignment. Their path started with a simple idea to help orthopedic surgeons position their implants and restore leg length when performing the direct anterior total hip replacement. Early concepts have now grown into a portfolio of patented and patent-pending technologies related to intraoperative assessment using radiopaque grid patterns in the growing field of orthopedic total joint arthroplasty.


What we did for OrthoGrid:

We worked with OrthoGrid from the initial phases of concept to get their start-up launched. We helped create the labels and die lines for the original tungsten grid. As the business model took shape we built the first microsite to announce their entry into the market.

Having seen the company thru a major brand revision, investor demos, packaging, trade shows, and collateral development, we have helped establish this incredible surgical application device and set them on their growth path.




November 12, 2017


Branding, Design, Layout, Print, Social Media, Web