Tapas Estrella

A little bit sweet…and a lot spicy!

This exceptional local restaurant was the brainchild of Andrea and Milky Maricich. As a traditional tapas restaurant with a modern twist, Tapas Estrella was a goldmine of branding visuals and messaging. From the cuisine to the decor, the staff to the owners, Tapas Estrella was a tasty creative relationship of two years.


What we did for Tapas Estrella:

We were able to do most of the branding and design work from the ground up. Messaging came very easy as Andrea was incredibly hands-on in helping us get the foundational understanding of the vision and mission of the restaurant. The events and weekly entertainment kept interests high and allowed our team to develop flyers, postcards, posters, coasters, advertising and  It was truly a pleasure working with the Maricichs.




November 12, 2017


Branding, Design, Layout, Print, Social Media, Web